About Us

My name is Steven Heisler and I am an attorney in Baltimore, Maryland.

One evening in 2003, my mother called me and told me that the husband of one of her best friends had been diagnosed with Legionnaires Disease. He was very sick and needed a lawyer.

At the time I had been practicing law for 14 years and, not only had I never handled a Legionnaires Disease case before, but I wasn’t even sure what Legionnaires Disease was.

I remembered that a lot of American Legion conventioneers got sick and died back in the 1970’s due to a mysterious bacteria at their hotel. When I heard the words “Legionnaires Disease” I automatically associated it with a deadly condition.

And Legionnaires Disease equaling a death sentence is not too far from reality. OSHA says that approximately 10,000 to 50,000 Americans are stricken with the disease annually and approximately 5% to 30% of those with the disease die.

So when I decided to take on the Legionnaires case on behalf of my mother’s friend and another individual who caught the disease at the same location I knew that this was not any ordinary case.

Tragically, both of my clients’ succumbed to the effects of the disease and eventually died. It was at that time that I decided to make it my mission to educate the public about Legionnaires Disease and how dangerous it is. The result is this website, Aboutlegionnaires.com.

Americans need to know that this potentially fatal hazard can be significantly reduced with routine monitoring, cleaning and maintenance of a facility’s air conditioning and water delivery systems. Sadly, very few public facilities take the time to do these simple tasks. As a result, thousands of people are unnecessarily stricken with Legionnaires.

I hope you find this website informative and useful. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 1-877-228-4878 or email me at sheisler@injurylawyermd.com.