Legionnaires’ Disease

Legionnaires’ disease is a life-threatening form of pneumonia that results from an infection by Legionella bacteria. Legionnaires’ disease is believed to be, by many authorities, vastly under-reported, with thousands of Americans contracting it every year. There are many health issues caused by unreported Legionella outbreaks and one way to combat all of those problems is education, which is the purpose of this website. Knowledge about legionnaires disease, its sources, symptoms, preventative measures and treatment options can save your life.

Unreported Legionnaires Disease Cases

As previously mentioned, many believe that most Legionnaires disease cases go undiagnosed. The fact that the disease mimics a common flu, in many aspects, is likely a significant factor. Other factors may include a lack of health care or very minor cases. Other times, doctors simply miss the symptoms and end up treating the pneumonia, but not the Legionnaires’ disease.

While we can only speculate the number of undiagnosed cases or why there may be so many, some of the problems that result are clear: legionnaires disease sources are not identified, resulting in further infections and the patient is not treated, which may lead to serious cognitive damage or death. Further, if the true Legionnaires’ disease statistics were known, the case for widespread, mandatory, Legionella bacteria prevention would speak for itself.

Legionnaires Disease Prevention

The fact that Legionnaires’ disease is preventable is often what angers those that catch it and why Legionnaires disease injury lawsuits follow in the wake of an outbreak. If proper prevention methods are not taken, Legionella bacteria can thrive in bodies of water. Those bodies of water can be a water system in an office building or hospital, a restaurant, hotel, cruise ship, or other public places, where literally thousands of people could be at risk.

Thus, simply failing to take the necessary precautions against Legionella bacteria can result in a Legionnaires disease outbreak that includes dozens, or even hundreds, of infections. The known effects of Legionnaires disease are far too severe and medical costs far too high, for a simple apology to suffice. A legionnaires’ disease lawsuit is the only way for the victims of an outbreak to obtain justice and the compensation they need.

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